First Learnings – Reading Margaret Mead

Anthropology from late 1940s to 1960s serves a useful starting point to understand how the growing breed of sociologists and anthropologists encountered experiences, people and cultures strikingly different from those which they came from. This could be true in any century, rather more so when the first Portuguese sailors arrived at the western coast of … Continue reading First Learnings – Reading Margaret Mead

M & E Primer for Development Foot Soldiers

Development sector tends to be 'expert' driven. At least so it seems in our little experience consulting in this space. These experts carry out research, set processes in place, jump start initiatives or programs for organizations and other such things which are usually seen as jobs which require considerable expertise. As we have seen here … Continue reading M & E Primer for Development Foot Soldiers

The Fall of a Sparrow – Salim Ali

The Fall of a Sparrow - my current read, is an autobiography of the maverick Indian Ornithologist Dr Salim Ali. He borrows the title from Shakespeare’s Hamlet - “…there’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow”. Striking is the man’s spirit for adventure and passion for studying birds. Birwatching, he writes is one of the most … Continue reading The Fall of a Sparrow – Salim Ali