Roundup – 2013


Beyond serving a marker of time facilitating enumeration, a new year has meant little else. A count of 365 finishes, and resets to zero. But this also presents a good opportunity to look back to the previous set of days and bring together all that was good, worth and desirable. Also, perhaps see how the experiences of the past days are likely to shape the future.

The past year has been quite fruitful on the reading front. Perhaps this is due to the amount of structured time I have during the graduate program which helped in reading a good deal of philosophy, sociology, economics, art and literature this year. Here is how the reading list looked – titles

Going forward, our little startup is no more a startup from a small town. We are now an LLP company working out of a new city. Five years down from starting out of college it feels great that we could bootstrap the business all these years and resist financial help. Not that taking help is wrong. It is to convey that if a business can manage to run on its own revenues and turn enough money for the partners to support themselves, the outlook for that business is sure promising. Plus, in the absence of financial backing one is always reorienting, experimenting and trying out ideas to stay relevant and earn enough money.

On travel and riding, the year was better than the previous. I could take the road almost every month, for short 1000 km rides. And end the year with a bike upgrade. A new cruise bike with a 500 cc engine appears a good way to start the year’s explorations.

Besides these, at the university, it appears that I have little to gain from the lectures. They would be a drag for the next six months. More so with the thought of a new bike parked in the parking lot all day long with little to do.

Lastly, the hiatus here was for two reasons –

One, I was out of my depths without having had a good fill of reading and thinking in the last quarter.

Two, that the last two months brought in a good load of work which involved travel and doing some messy reports.

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