Narratives, Ranajit Guha & Microcredit

I have been on an overdose of Ranajit Guha's writings and papers from the Subaltern Studies over the past few weeks. Guha's reasoning on the project of colonial historiography in Chandra's death is something I, perhaps prematurely, feel overrated. Moreover, its increasing currency is suspect as far as the merit of the argument is concerned. … Continue reading Narratives, Ranajit Guha & Microcredit

HBR’s pricing and access to knowledge

An interesting discussion is brewing on FT with a Rotman School academic - Prof Joshua Gans suggesting that FT should knock-off Harvard Business Review (HBR) from its research component in FT45 ranking of global MBA and EMBA programs. While he acknowledges the quality of papers from the journal, he is clear that the publication is … Continue reading HBR’s pricing and access to knowledge