A Story – Contested Realities


The idea of this blog is to be a sound board to how realities play out in our lives. These often  are competing realities emerging out of different narratives . And much of what I have written here are non-fictional accounts, observations and analyses. Diverging from that, here is a fictional account of how realities of two individual’s lives played out by the virtue of they being their own selves and a contest emerging there.  

He is like an absurd story you don’t know what to make of, much like Kafka’s stories which appalls you and excites you in turns. Why would he want to do a certain thing, you wouldn’t know and neither would he. In my attempts to know just who he is, to be able to live with him I have been certain of only one thing – that he is the sort of company you’d want to keep on the road, to nowhere perhaps!

His reading of the world is curiously optimistic. I have lived many splendid journeys with him on the road to be able to tell you that he is prone to excesses of every sort, only to ensure that he doesn’t let go off any opportunity in his life to live moments and experiences to complete satisfaction. You’ll find him reading authors of the romantic age and the beat generation and the variety who had not even the slightest regard for conventions and norms. Those with a mind of their own.

It feels strange to realize that I have taken a break from that road which we travelled, while he continues on his journey. The free wheeler in him goes straight out and does what he wants to do which I have always envied, and in fact felt enraged when he showed no care. His disregard for relationships and responsibilities, I always felt would become a concern very soon. And it did. He walks a high rope without a safety net and it is an intimidating thought for me. Why take my word? Look around him and you will find that almost all his mates from college graduated took regular jobs, settled down and are starting families now. And how about him? As I write this, he is on the same old bike, beating the dirt tracks living another journey he thought is worth taking, than be here… by my side!

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