Sociology – Is it necessary to take sides?

The editors of n+1 magazine have gone whacking at the weeds that have grown in sociology as a discipline in their recent issue. Too Much Sociology discusses what is wrong with the nature of knowledge produced by sociology and the way it is used, appropriated or more often, tapped into, by arts, literature, politics and culture […]

Microfinance in India: A case of development’s bull run

Talking to some friends who work in NGOs I have noticed an increased pace of activity in NGOs running microfinance programs. And some programs around the other buzz word ‘financial inclusion’. This made me think if microfinance really has the kind of emancipatory potential that many in the non-profit sector see. I dug up a […]

Consulting in Development Sector – Attempting a McKinsey?

My partner and I got talking about the next five years of our careers as well as the small consulting practice which has grown over the past 3-4 years, starting straight out of college with our first degrees. It is only later that we both went for higher degrees, standing on some hard work experience […]

Take a Ride and Be Happy – Experiencing Happiness in Bhutan

In May, 2013 I spent a week traveling in Bhutan. My primary destination was the Taktsang Monastery outside Paro (posted here – Insights at the Edge), after which I spent some time in the capital Thimpu. This is a post on some general observations that I made while in Thimpu. The dense fog on the high […]

Alernative Dispute Resolution & Legal System Reform in India

This is the summer of dreaming dangerously (yes, Zizek too is in the summer reading list). I have been trying to pack in three different projects in this summer plus a travel in the subcontinent. Here goes a brief on the first internship at the Bangalore Mediation Center in Bangalore on mediation as a method […]

Construction Workers and Amendments to BOCW Act

A few months back, I was studying the Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996 which is the first formal and exclusive piece of legislation which provides for social welfare of the construction workers in India. Questions explored were – what explains such poor work, health and social conditions in which the construction workers live? […]