Better late than never

This blog has been in the making for over three months now. Off late  I have been getting better at giving myself enough excuses for not doing it- let the graduate program gain some traction, let me develop clear ideas, topics must be researched properly and other such blah. And then I hit the ceiling and began writing, taking a cue from @praveenasridhar ‘s – bas likh (just write)! Start and the rest follows. And here I go.

The other trigger is the interesting discussions, conversations and ideas that seem to be multiplying by the week. I now shun the long form and get going with the fast and dirty, which always seem to have rescued me. Long form writing on the other hand has been a holy grail.

I hope to keep it regular and interesting enough. The other purpose of sharing the information with some close friends with whom I collaborate will be given priority over some ‘brilliant, sparkling essays’ that I seem to have chased for a long time now!

2 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Look forward for the words to flow. You will rock. Just be yourself and let your thoughts flow. 🙂

  2. Way to go, @tiwarisac! Let the words flow. Look forward to see this blog develop into your thoughts map. Behne de! Cheers!

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